Xtrade Australia Review – Can This Broker be Trusted?

Is Xtrade Scam or Legit?


Looking for a way to earn money? There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who are looking for opportunities to make money. Sure, you can earn from a 9-to-5 job, but with the rising expenses for maintaining a certain lifestyle, it can become difficult to make ends meet. Even if you are able to fulfill your needs, there is just not enough left over to save for the future. So, what should you do? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way that you could make money quickly and with a small investment? The good news is that such an option does exist and it is referred to as online trading.

The trading markets have been around for years; you have probably heard of the stock market and the forex market where people are known to make millions. But, most people don’t give it much thought because it involved a lot of logistics that not everyone could handle. However, in the last few decades, things have been changing gradually in every industry. Technology has resulted in a number of changes in almost every space, as has the internet. This is also applicable to the world of financial trading, which has become a lot more accessible than it ever used to be.

Gone are the days when you actually had to go out to trade in the financial markets, or when you needed experience and knowledge to even think about trading. Likewise, there is no longer any need for you to have massive amounts of capital to invest in one go either. Today, thanks to online trading, you can trade from anywhere, trade even if you have never done so before and start with a very small amount, until you are ready to invest more. Hence, there has been an influx of people in the trading markets in the last decade or so.

More people have taken interest because these markets are filled to the brim with opportunities and it is up to you to take advantage of them. But, how do you do that? Where do you have to go in order to do so? This is where you start looking for an online broker, as they are the ones providing you with the trading platform that connects you to the financial markets. They are responsible for giving you access to the tools and resources needed for your trading journey.

With the popularity of online trading, the number of companies offering trading services in the financial markets has increased substantially. There are a multitude of brokerages that you can find, but it is crucial to remember that every company is different. No two companies will offer you the same level of services or features, so it is up to you to make the decision. In addition, it is vital to remember that scams and frauds are also rampant in the online markets, so you need to ensure that the company you are considering can be trusted.

You have to be extremely diligent because the broker you choose will have a direct impact on how your trading experience turns out and also whether you succeed or not. Xtrade Australia is one of the options that you will find when you start searching for a good broker. A quick look at their website indicates that they are quite competent and offer all the required services, but it is easy for anyone to make claims these days. You should make the effort of verifying the information in order to confirm if the company can be trusted or not. This means assessing various aspects of their services, which you can do below.

An Introduction to Xtrade

Broker Xtrade
Website https://www.xtrade.com.au/
Trading Accounts 4 Account Types; Standard, Premium, Platinum and VIP
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets Coverage Shares, Forex, Commodities, Indices and CFDs (Contract for Difference)
Trading Tools Live Charts, Economic Calendar, Risk Management Tools, Price Alerts, Technical Analysis, Financial News and Daily Analysis videos
Education and Training Yes; , Glossary, e-books, online video courses, webinars, tutorials and expert sessions
Customer Support 24/6 through live chat, email and phone number
Security Policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
Parent Company Xtrade Europe Ltd
Regulation Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

First and foremost, you should know that Xtrade Australia is a forex and CFD (Contract for Difference) broker, which means that you don’t need to purchase assets physically and only trade based on contracts of the underlying asset. They have been offering their services in the market for more than a decade, which means they have plenty of experience and understand how the financial markets work. The fact that they have been able to survive that long indicates that they know what they are doing and can be trusted. Their offices are located in Limassol, Cyprus and they were founded by Xtrade Europe Ltd.

You will discover that Xtrade Australia is a registered and licensed broker and falls in the jurisdiction of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It is one of the most renowned regulators in the world and companies that fall under its umbrella can be trusted and relied upon because all their activities are monitored. According to the rules of CySEC, Xtrade Australia has to be transparent in its services and dealings and its policies are also in accordance with rules of consumer protection. It doesn’t exploit any customers and is honest with them.

Moreover, CySEC regulation means that customers of Xtrade Australia also qualify for the Investor Compensation Fund. Thus, if the company goes bankrupt or has to shut down for any other reason, all traders will be compensated and will not lose their entire investment. This is not a security that you can get with many companies, so it gives you peace of mind and tells you that the broker can be trusted. But, there are a number of other things that you need to check. What are they? Read on to find out:

Xtrade Australia’s Trading Products

The trading products of any brokerage are their most important feature because they determine what kind of returns you can get. Some people enter the trading markets with the intention of trading some specific assets, while others may just want to diversify their investment portfolio. No matter what category you fall into, it is necessary to know what you will be able to trade. Most companies you come across will make big claims about offering you lots of variety and the best trading products, but when you take a closer look, it becomes apparent that most of these are just big claims.

Xtrade Australia

How does Xtrade Australia fare in this regard? You will come to know that they have been quite honest about their offerings and do provide the substantial variety they claim to have. The trading products that you can find on their platform include:

Commodities: One of the best option for traders with a low risk appetite is the category of commodities, which include soft ones, along with hard ones. The former refers to agricultural commodities, such as coffee, corn, wheat, cocoa and sugar, while the latter refers to precious metals like gold, silver, copper and aluminum, and even energies like natural gas and crude oil.

Forex: The biggest market in the world, the foreign exchange market involves trading of currency pairs and has a daily trading volume of more than $5 trillion. You can trade major currency pairs, minor ones and even some exotic and rare choices are available. Some of the currency pairs that can be explored include GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD and USD/CHF.

Stocks: The stock market provides traders with the opportunity of buying and selling shares of some of the leading companies in the world. You can invest in prominent ones like Google, Apple, Spotify, Pfizer, Amazon.com, Aurora, BMW, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Netflix, VISA and PayPal.

Indices: While the stock market deals with investments in individual companies, the combined stocks are dealt with in the indices market. These are very lucrative and can offer solid returns to traders. You can opt for some of the top indices in the market, such as the FTSE 100, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, Nikkei, CAC 40, DAX and S&P 500.

With Xtrade Australia, you will have the freedom to trade in any category or all of them, if you want. This gives you plenty of room to diversify your portfolio, which is helpful in reducing your risks and giving you maximum returns.

Xtrade Australia Trading Solutions

Before deciding to trust a broker, it is a good idea to take a look at their trading solutions. After all, it is this particular feature that you will be using the most because it involves executing your trades in the markets. The trading platform will determine how quickly your transactions are executed, how easily you are able to make them and the trading tools you can use for making your decisions. In most cases, every brokerage offers their own trading solutions to their clients, which means there is no guarantee of what you will get.

If you take a look at some of the negative reviews that companies have received, you will notice that traders focus on the trading platform the most because it is used for making the trades. If it doesn’t perform well and has loopholes or lacks in any way, you will not be able to have a profitable experience. Hence, you need to see what kind of trading solutions are available at Xtrade Australia. One of the good things about this company is that it fully recognizes and understands the needs of modern traders.

Since it has been operating in the market for a long time, it knows how the trading markets have changed and the kind of trading solutions that can fulfill every trader’s needs. First and foremost, you will come across a web trading platform at Xtrade Australia, which provides flexibility and functionality to its users, all rolled into one. As it doesn’t require any kind of downloading or installation and is accessible through the web browser, traders can use it on any device they have handy. This gives them flexibility to trade without being restricted to a single device.

In addition to this feature, Xtrade Australia has ensured that traders can take advantage of instant trade execution and real-time results of their trades. They can use one-click trading and use the leading trading tools, including trading indicators, live and interactive charts, price alerts, daily market news and trends and an economic calendar to keep you updated. Furthermore, keeping the technological advancements in mind, mobile trading solutions have also been added. You can find apps that can be used on iOS and Android smartphones, as well as tablets.

These apps are intuitive and user-friendly, so everyone can use them without any problems. Also, they offer multi-asset trading functionality, allowing you to trade the asset of your choice. However, the biggest perk is that you can trade from anywhere and at any time, keeping track of your trading account and taking account of all movements. Xtrade Australia has also equipped the apps with the best trading tools to help traders in making the most of their experience.

Xtrade Australia’s Account Options

It is a given that when you want to avail any online service, you are expected to create an account with the company you are getting it from. This is something you will also come across when you want to sign up with a broker in the online trading market. Traders have to open an account because this is where all their personal information, trading history, record of transactions and other details are kept. You have to register with the company first and then you are offered several account options to choose from. These options are developed for facilitating different traders because not everyone has the same style, risk tolerance and goals.

When it comes to registration, Xtrade Australia has kept their process simple and quick, so traders can directly move onto the trading process without much hassle. You need to fill out a form on their website with basic details like your name, location, phone number, email address and a password. The last two are used as your login details for your trading account. You should check their Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Risk Disclosures and other essential documents before completing the registration process. Once this is done, you can take a look at the account options available.

You will discover that a total of four accounts are provided at Xtrade Australia, each of which are developed for a different type of trader. The first account is referred to as Standard, which carries a minimum deposit requirement of $250 and is primarily developed for beginners and newbies who don’t want to invest big right away. The second account is known as Premium, which has a minimum deposit of $1,000. It is a better fit for intermediate traders, who have some knowledge and experience under their belt. The third account option that has been created is referred to as Platinum, which needs a minimum deposit of $5,000, making it a good fit for advanced traders.

The last account option that you will come across on Xtrade Australia is named VIP and this one is for professional and VIP traders who can afford to meet the minimum deposit requirements of $25,000. The trading conditions of each account vary, with the lowest and most competitive ones offered to professional traders. Apart from that, there are also other features that can vary from account to account, but some remain consistent. You can get personalized trading, online chat support, daily news, webinars, online courses, e-books and more. Plus, they also provide you signals and daily trends and news.

While these account options are appealing, what makes people realize that Xtrade Australia is worth trusting is the fact that they have also added a demo account. This is a practice account that gives people virtual currencies they can use for trading. Sure, it is a perk for newcomers who get a chance to get acquainted with how the trading markets work, but can also help experienced traders in testing new strategies without actually risking their investment. Most importantly, it gives everyone a chance to test the company’s trading platforms and their conditions to see exactly what they will find when they create a real account with them. Only trusted and professional platforms will ever let you check this.

Xtrade Australia’s Educational Resources

Thanks to online trading, anyone can enter the financial markets to start trading, but if you are interested in making profits in the long run, then you cannot simply rely on luck. It is possible that you will be able to rake in some returns initially by making lucky trades, but eventually it will run out and your capital can be wiped out easily with a single mistake. So, how do you avoid that? You can do so by polishing your understanding of the markets and acquiring detailed knowledge of how they work. But, where do you learn all of this? Finding the proper resources is easier said than done.

While the internet is a huge fountain of information, not everything you come across is authentic and accurate. This is where Xtrade Australia proves to be extremely valuable, as they have put together in-depth and extensive educational and learning resources for their clients. These cover a wide range of topics related to the trading world and can be helpful for not just newbies, but also experienced traders. These resources are provided in different formats for your convenience, which include e-books, online financial courses, videos and tutorials and there are also webinars that are held by market experts.

Xtrade Australia’s Security Features

A broker’s commitment to security can show you whether it is a good idea to trust them or not. The online world comes with a lot of security risks. Every other day, you come across news of some kind of hack or breach happening and people losing their money or information. To combat this issue, you need to have solid security in place because online trading involves investing your money and also divulging your personal and sensitive information. At Xtrade Australia, you will come to know that the company has not made any compromises where security is concerned, particularly because it is a regulated broker.

As per the rules, they are required to take necessary security measures to ensure that traders are not exposed in any way. Their website is secured with 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which keeps all transaction and data safe from third parties and unauthorized individuals. They also follow rules of customer account segregation, which means that your funds are deposited in separate accounts and not mixed with the company’s own. Apart from that, Xtrade Australia’s security team is constantly monitoring the website and checking for any problems to fix them in order to prevent people from breaking into their system.

Moreover, Xtrade Australia has also implemented verification procedures for the purpose of preventing money laundering, terrorist financing and identity fraud. They require clients to provide a scanned copy of their passport, showing their name and date of birth, in order to confirm their identity. The next step is to provide proof of residence, which is given by submitting a utility bill, such as phone, electricity or gas, or a bank statement that shows your name and address. You should ensure that these documents are not more than six months old. It is a way of preventing suspicious actors from creating an account on their trading platform.

Final Verdict

You will also find that Xtrade Australia is forthcoming about their trading conditions and have not tried to mislead their clients. They have also added convenient and diverse payment solutions to make banking secure for their clients. Lastly, They have not stinted where customer support is concerned and have added several secure channels that can be used for getting in touch with their team, all of which indicating that Xtrade Australia is a broker that can be trusted.